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Aluminium Scaffolding Ladders Ladders

Our Motto to reach difficult heights with safety since ‘ALLIED’ known for quality, reliability and durability

Aluminium Scaffolding Ladders are one of the mainly trendy types of Towers now a days having number of advantages over some other types of Ladders and Scaffolding. Most advantages relate to easy use, it is portability light in weight and appropriate for storage after work.

Aluminium Scaffolding Ladders is very stable and the supports are of sufficient Diameter besides having proper Dimensional Details and Quality of the Raw Material i.e. aluminium Alloy in order to get maximum stability and advantage.

In addition to being easier to carry, the weight of Aluminium Scaffolding Ladders is very important as when taken to Job Site, it can be erected and dismantled easily.

When to use Aluminium Scaffolding Ladders Tower ?

  • When you want to do some job at higher Sites where the regular Telescopic Tower Ladder can not reach.
  • Where Site requires 3 -4 people to attend some job.
  • Where Telescopic regular Tower Ladders can not be taken in doors due to GATE/ Entry Restrictions.
  • The Storage Area for Telescopic tower Ladders required outside is not available.
  • Better for safety of the workman.

Where can you use?

The difficult height Sites where Ordinary Ladders can not reach and you want more people TO accommodate due to nature of job.

Why Aluminium Scaffolding Ladders Tower?

They are easy to set up and move, they are light in weight.  These Scaffolding Towers pack down flat and they are easy to store after work.  they are available with wide Base, stabilizing bars and large size Platforms for comfortable safe working.

Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding Ladders Towers

These towers are also available on MS heavy duty Mobile Trolley with jacks and need not be dismantled every time.  They are light weight and can be easily moved from one place to another.  Some precautions like locking of wheels etc at the time of work on these Mobile Scaffolding Towers are the cautions required.

Though, Aluminium Scaffolding Ladders Towers are light in weight they are as strong and sturdy as Steel Scaffolding Towers.  They are also durable enough to with-stand the stresses that other medium for working at height can.

IMPORTANT:  though it is easy to use the Aluminium Scaffolding Towers, you should know the simple basics about the Scaffolding Towers.  You should know how to assemble, use and dismantle these Towers in a safe and secure manner. 

These if you are on look out for a perfect medium to reach at height places with safety you can easily opt for Aluminium Scaffolding Ladders towers.  They are easy to use as well as durable. 

SPECIFICATIONS FOR Aluminium Scaffolding Ladders:

A MOBILE Aluminium Scaffolding Ladders, Portable, made of Aluminium Alloy Tubes in the shape of ‘H’ Frame, of size: 2000x1400  braced by Cross, Horizontal/ Diagonal Braces or combination there of to prevent racking/collapse complete with Strong platform set of size 2000x600mm suitable for 2 to 3 persons with M.S.Trolley frame base having 4 nos of Jacks and 4 Nos of Self Locking wheels at four ends duly pinned or otherwise secured in Scaffolding legs to make Ladder Sturdy and moveable when at work.  All Wheels will be lockable to prevent movement when at work.  In addition 4 Nos of Stabilizers are provided for safety.  This Scaffolding provide an efficient and safe, more comfortable work arrangement when compared with other modes to carry out work at such heights.

The standard size of the Scaffolding Structure:  H 2000mmx W 1400mm x L 2000mm.


‘H’ frame: standart size is: 2000x1400 made of 50mm dia 2mm thick Aluminium anodized strong pipe (Note: It can be available in other required sizes also.) 

Cross braces: with automatic locking

Straight braces: with automatic locking

Platform: made of 50mm.approx sq.Aluminium Tubes fixed with 2mm thick Aluminium chequered sheet   duly supported and tested for load bearing capacity of 250kgs. 2 nos in one set of size: 2000x600mm making total surface area of platform 2000x1200mm easy to fix at any height in the Scaffolding

Climbing ladders: size: 2250mm long non-skid type ladder which makes Scaffolding more stronger and safe besides convenient for climbing up with material etc.

Stabilizers: one set stabilizer i.e. 4 nos small & Big to be fixed on all four corners to make Scaffolding sturdy and safe.

SELF LOCKING CASTER WHEELS: For Scaffolding upto 10mtr provided with 4 Nos self locking polymer wheels tested for one ton load.

MS Trolley frame: for Scaffolding Towers above 10mtrs height this M.S.Trolley Frame with 4nos jacks and 4 nos heavy duty wheels to provide counter weight at the bottom and to maintain mobility of the Scaffolding from one place to another easily while working.

ADDL.TOWERS:Incase of Scaffolding is higher than 20mtrs we advise and recommend additional supporting towers of suitable size to make Scaffolding completely safe in all respect.



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